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Become that person, that professional and that Leader with the Soul that everyone wants in their organization.

Training Consulting

We help companies improve their competitiveness by identifying the necessary skills and designing tailored solutions to achieve their goals and commitment to society. Our services include:

  • Assessing the level of satisfaction and engagement of your collaborators.
  • Analyzing the leadership styles of your department/team heads.
  • Identifying potential internal coaches or mentors.
  • Designing specific training programs to achieve your organization’s KPIs.
  • Implementing a corporate university or school.
  • Analyzing the purpose and corporate culture that fosters the growth of your collaborators and organization.
  • Providing cutting-edge learning solutions customized to any business, regardless of size, industry, or location.
  • Equipping professionals with the necessary skills to work collaboratively in high-performance environments.


We believe that investing in your employees’ growth and development is key to achieving success and making a positive impact in society. 


Let us help you exceed your organization’s goals and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Development Programs

Whatever department you are from, as long as you manage people, there is a development program for you.

The program is addressed to commercial directors, sales managers and any employees who individually want to increase their self-leadership.

Are you ready to take your self-leadership skills and talent to the next level?

1. Comprehensive Leadership Development Program

Learn to lead high performance teams.

Maximize your results and those of your team to achieve professional and personal success

We do personalized monitoring of each professional to ensure the transfer of new management skills in your day to day.

Objetives and benefits

At Key People Improving, our goal is to help you become a highly effective leader and lifelong learner. Here are the specific objectives and benefits you can expect from our services:

  • Understand your leadership style: We’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and provide feedback on how you can improve.
  • Concrete action plan: We’ll work with you to develop a customized action plan that focuses on achieving results in the short, medium, and long term.
  • Acquire necessary skills: We’ll provide you with the tools and techniques you need to lead in a holistic way, even in uncertain and constantly changing environments.
  • Facilitate team growth: We’ll help you become a facilitator for your teams, so they can reach their full potential and contribute to the overall success of your organization.


With our support, you can become a more effective leader, achieve your professional goals, and make a positive impact on your team and organization.


  • Assessment: We will identify your current leadership style based on your personality, skills, and feedback from your colleagues and team members.
  • Areas of Improvement: We will work with you to identify areas where you can improve your leadership skills, both individually and as a team.
  • Transformation: We will guide you through the process of transformation needed to achieve your objectives, providing you with the necessary tools and resources along the way.


Our program is designed to help you achieve your professional and personal goals through a comprehensive approach to leadership development. The program includes the following steps:


Who is our method for?

Our program is ideal for any executive or manager who wants to improve their professional and personal results. While it is not mandatory to manage teams, it is recommended to get the most out of the program.

Find out how our clients managed to improve their leadership and skills

Alexis Rios

People Manager at  Conversia

The core of our company is to put people at the center. This program equips our team with skills that help them develop their skills, which they put into practice on a daily basis. We are completely sure that this investment has a return. I always remember Xavi as a person who brings enthusiasm, selflessness, nobility, honesty and transparency.

Agustin Sánchez

Director of Red Barcelona and AAPP at Conversia

We are very happy with the development that the professionals who have participated, who have been in the company for years, have had to get out of the inertia of working in the same way. Sometimes the answer lies within the people themselves. The program has made the work that we can develop evolve. Xavi has the virtue of understanding what the company needs.

Antonio Ruiz

Director of Red Madrid at Conversia

We are a company with a vocation to help customers. This program has helped us grow as professionals. We need our commercial team to grow and evolve. Xavi is clearly helping us in this work of coaching and growth and is allowing us, for our delegation managers, to grow in leadership and management with the team.

2. Commercial Development Program

Objectives and benefits

  • Develop the necessary skills to effectively lead the growth of the organization in uncertain and constantly changing environments.
  • Achieve greater results in the short, medium, and long term through the design and implementation of a specific Business Plan.
  • Become a facilitator for your sales team and help them grow along with the company.


  • Assess your starting point: identify your leadership style based on your personality, skills, and feedback from your closest environment.
  • Understand the necessary qualities of a 4.0 salesperson.
  • Identify areas of improvement and create an action plan for individual and group development.
  • Analyze and train your sales team based on the needs of your company and the profiles of sellers: Hunter, KAM, and Farmer.
  • Develop the skills of the Commercial Leader:


    1. Build a culture of trust.
    2. Communicate effectively and provide constructive feedback.
    3. Motivate and encourage proactivity.
    4. Lead sales processes.
    5. Analyze data and forecast future trends.
    6. Anticipate change and adapt.
    7. Encourage integrity and collaboration.
    8. Make effective decisions and delegate tasks.


Who is it for?

This program is designed for any executive or manager in the commercial department who wants to improve their results and take their organization’s growth to the next level. By working with us, you’ll be able to increase your sales and grow your business.

Learn from our successful clients

Discover how our clients have increased their sales and improved their negotiation skills by working with us. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients:

Javier Schmidt

General Manager of Kalma Group

Our company has a complex commercial structure with B2B invoicing but B2C commercial relationships. We had always had problems interconnecting B2B and B2C. After working with different consultancies, fortunately we found Xavi, who turned the business model around, achieving certain improvements in billing, sales, and a psychological component.

Juan José Barbado

Partner at Take Talent

Xavi has been fundamental in my success. He has changed the way I approach commercial activity and customer management. This is not a specific methodology or system, but rather a conceptual shift in my approach. He has the ability to adapt to any problem that comes his way, regardless of whether it is related to business, planning, or argumentation.

Amaya Lejarraga

Partner at Lejarraga & De La Poza Real Estate Consultants

The change that I have experienced in my business has been dramaticl thanks to the mental clarity and sales techniques that I have learned. I recommend this for any business in its early start-up phase or for any company that needs to boost sales and improve its strategy. It is essential to prepare the teams, directors, and managers.

3. Personal Development Program

Objetives and benefits

  • Develop self-leadership skills to achieve personal and professional growth.
  • Become a Key People Improver and a Lifelong Learner.
  • Receive a concrete action plan that delivers results in the short, medium, and long term.


  • Know your starting point: personality type based on your personality, skills and the assessments of your closest environment.
  • Understand what aspects of improvement we are going to work on and how.
  • Work on Self-leadership skills:
    • Self-esteem; confidence in yourself and in others to receive their trust.
    • The Art of Modesty.
    • Self-knowledge for continuous improvement.
    • Goal-oriented vision (from the present moment to create your future).
    • Enthusiasm and Positivism (versus optimism).
    • Empathy through Active Listening.
    • Healthy physical and mental habits.
    • Integrity.

We will delve into:

  • Emotional, cognitive and social skills.
  • Reduction of states of stress and anxiety.
  • Improve performance, productivity and efficiency.
  • Presence and enjoy the present moment.
  • Perspective and open-mindedness to resolve conflicts and plan projects.
  • Intuition and confidence to make intelligent strategic decisions.
  • Resilience, motivation and development of empathy and compassion
  • Autonomy for good self-management at any time.
  • Improvement of emotional and interpersonal intelligence skills.

Who is it for?

This program is specifically designed for individuals who aspire to grow, shine, and radiate positivity wherever they may be.

High Impact Motivational Talks

Attend our motivational talks tailored for your company. You will become aware of the steps to follow.

Get infected with the best attitude, optimism, resilience and enthusiasm of our specialists.

Let yourself be carried away by the transformative messages!

Get inspired by examples from your day to day, which provide veracity and the necessary tools. You will apply them in your workplace.

Coaching for individuals and couples

Whether you’re seeking personal growth or want to strengthen your relationship, our coaching sessions for individuals and couples are designed to help you acquire new habits and build valuable skills. 

With personalized sessions tailored to your specific goals, you’ll have the opportunity to train with real-life scenarios and gain new perspectives. 

By exploring your challenges from different angles, you’ll increase your confidence and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships. 

And, if you opt for our paired sessions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much knowledge can be transferred between partners. 

Join us today and start your journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

Customized modules designed just for you.

Module 1: Leadership

As you grow, your team will grow with you.

  • Learn how to lead remote teams nationally and internationally.
  • Transform your Management Committee into a high-performance team.
  • Increase the proactivity and creativity of your team through practical strategies.
  • Develop emotional intelligence 4.0, both intrapersonal and interpersonal.
  • Learn how to hone your leadership skills and move from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence through continuous practice.
  • Create a collaborative environment where the result of the collective effort is greater than the individual contributions.

Are you ready to share your ideas?
Lead by example and set the standard for your team.
We will serve as your mirror to help you improve from day one.

  • How to make decisions and know how to delegate.
  • Team building; transformative activities: Lego, Masterchef, Gaming, Coaching with horses, creation of a perfume…
  • Management and leadership of diversity in multicultural organizations
  • Alignment between the values and objectives of your organization with those of your team.
  • Powerful self-leadership and team leadership skills.
  • Time management.
  • The value of recognizing your team: Giving the right feedback.
  • Build an environment of trust.
  • Do all your collaborators admit their mistakes in front of the whole team so that everyone can learn from them?
  • Get proactivity from our team and its environment
  • How to resolve conflicts quickly and with stable results.
  • Get the right motivation from our team and their environment.

Module 2:  Business growth / sales

As you grow, your KPIs will grow

  • Tailored Commercial Plan: Definition and Implementation
  • Learn how to target and win strategic clients through effective sales strategies. Discover how to grow your existing clients through key account management (KAM) and farming techniques.
  • Explore the power of social selling and neurosales to boost your sales team’s performance.
  • Maximize your sales pipeline from initial contact to closing the sale with practical tips and tools.
  • Enhance your negotiation skills to achieve better outcomes.
  • Understand the “Full Restaurant” law to optimize your sales results.
  • Equip non-sales professionals such as CEOs, CFOs, CPOs, CTOs and Managers with the necessary sales skills to drive business growth.
  • Consultative Selling 4.0: Adapting to the Hybrid Environment and Demonstrating Your Unique Value Proposition.
  • Networking: Maximizing the Benefits of Attending External Events.
  • Cold-Door Meetings: Strategies for Effective Arrangements.
  • Improving the Customer Experience: Enhancing the Customer Journey.
  • Providing Excellent Internal and External Customer Service.
  • Converting Prospects into Customers: The 100-List Approach.
  • Impactful Accompaniments for Top-Level Meetings.
  • Selling in Hybrid Environments: Techniques for Successful Adaptation.
  • Lead Generation and Closing Techniques for Improved Sales Performance.
  • Designing and Implementing Business Plans for SMEs and Startups.
  • Discovery Meetings: Capturing the Specific Needs of Prospects and Clients.
  • Optimizing Meeting Time: Objectives, Agendas, Feedback, and Next Steps.
  • Scheduling Follow-Up Meetings with Prospects and Clients.
  • Streamlining Commercial Proposal Requests.
  • Effective Negotiation Techniques.
  • Understanding Data and Making Accurate Forecasts: Dashboard and KPI Management.
  • Commercial Audits: Face-to-Face and Online Mystery Shopping (Retail, Service, and Industry).
  • Personalized Coaching for Your Sales Network.
  • Designing and Sizing Your Commercial Network.
  • Selecting the Right Sales Network Profiles.

Module 3:  Employer Branding and Talent Management

  • Learn the strategy and application of Employer Branding to keep your employees engaged and attract future talent.
  • Define and implement a Total Compensation plan that includes Wellness, Emotional Salary, Compensation Policies, Social Benefits, and Telecommuting.
  • Design and implement effective performance evaluation meetings that serve as an opportunity for employee growth.
  • Master the art of conducting interviews to select the best candidates for internal promotion and incorporation.
  • Train your internal trainers with our Coaching for Trainers program.
  • Get individual, group, and organizational advice to improve the overall employee experience.
  • Laugh your way to wellness with laughter therapy: “a day without a smile is a day wasted.”
  • Discover your true self with the powerful Discovery Insights test – learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and how to leverage them for personal and professional growth.
  • Laughter therapy: “a day without a smile is a day wasted.”
  • Get to know yourself better than anyone, through the Discovery Insights test.

Module 4: Change management and digital transformation

  • Lead Change in Agile Environments: challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone by tackling small challenges each day, and gradually expanding your boundaries.
  • Become a change agent who can turn challenges into growth opportunities for yourself and your company.
  • Learn how to encourage your team to embrace change and shift the attitudes of those who are resistant to change.
  • Maximize the benefits of the digital 4.0 ecosystem through digital transformation.

Module 5: Communication 4.0

  • Learn how to communicate authentically and confidently, and leave a lasting impact on your audience with persuasive and assertive communication skills.
  • Master the art of giving effective presentations, both in person and online, and transfer the screen in meetings via video conference.
  • Develop active listening skills and empathy to understand your team’s needs and concerns, and give appropriate feedback to foster growth and development.
  • Find out how to balance talking and listening for effective communication.What percentage of your time do you spend talking? And how much do you spend listening?
  • Join us and learn how to communicate effectively to get the final unanimous applause in public presentations.

Module 6:  Digital Marketing Growth

  • Learn to design and implement a Marketing Plan 4.0 that is effective and aligned with your business goals. 
  • Analyze your corporate brand positioning and image, and identify opportunities to enhance your brand through internal and external events.
  • Understand the importance of SEO positioning and learn how to analyze and diagnose your website’s SEO to improve your visibility and attract more customers. 
  • Explore the power of digital marketing, specifically social selling through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and how it can help you reach and engage with your target audience more effectively.
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