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We accompany you in your growth as a Leader to exceed your goals while you contributor to making your company grow.
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Integral Leadership Training Consultancy

Key People Improving is a Training Consultancy specialized in Leadership that accompanies Directors and Managers like you to turn work teams into high performance teams. We achieve great results by increasing the commitment and motivation of each of the team members and their leaders.

“Think, dream, believe and dare — Walt Disney

What do we do?

  • Training Consulting.
  • Development programs: Leadership, Business Management and Personal Development.
  • Training modules.
  • Motivational speeches.
  • Individual and group coaching.

We create high-performance teams so that each individual offers their best version both individually and as a team member.

High-performance teams are inspired by the respect and admiration of their managers. At KPI, we help train teams through customized projects and a personalized preliminary analysis that considers the objectives of each project.

We begin by conducting an individual evaluation to understand each team member’s starting point, which allows us to create specific action plans. These plans are designed to help team members acquire leadership skills that can be applied in their day-to-day work and become long-lasting habits.

Our goal is to accompany you on your personal growth journey so that you can reach new levels of performance.

How do we do it?

We achieve your success through the Keipiai method:

We base our training methodology on “Learning by Doing” and “Having Fun”.

  • We learn new skills.
  • We live transformative activities.
  • We get to people’s emotions.
  • We strengthen cohesion, foster your ability to adapt to changes and keep up professional and personal growth steady.
  • We carry out individual and group Coaching sessions as part of the follow-up to ensure that the new skills are transferred to the workplace.
  • We practice through the specific case method: with Role Plays based on the real cases of your day to day.

Do you want to get excited with us?

Thanks to experiential learning and personalized monitoring, you will acquire new habits, you will apply them in your day to day and you will improve your performance… you will improve the KPI’s.

My beginnings were as exciting as they are now

I am Xavi Sáez – Co-founder and CEO of Key People Improving. Together with my team we will accompany you on your path to transformation as a High Performance Team Leader

Our clients trust us because ​​their performance yields greater business results by applying our values.

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